We've received an extremely enthusiastic press release to announce Street Fighter x Tekken: Artworks, a 192-page softcover art book with a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of the fighting game. Here's an excerpt:

"Based on the hit 2012 fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken: Artworks collects 192 pages of amazing insight into the game! Inside you’ll find character artwork, rough sketches, and costume designs, with creator commentary on almost every page!

"This art book is filled to the brim with amazing illustrations and sketches by the greatest Street Fighter and Tekken artists, including Shinkiro, Kinu Nishimura, Akiman, and more!"

"In addition to all of the fantastic art, Street Fighter X Tekken: Artworks also features extensive interviews with the creators and designers of the Street Fighter X Tekken game!"

We did not add any exclamation points to those quotations. Street Fighter x Tekken: Artworks will release in August for $39.99, and there will be preview copies available at PAX. Are you going to add another video game art book to your shelf? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.