We've known for quite some time that the PS Vita would be getting a Call of Duty title. After all, its dual control sticks make it perfect for first person shooters, and there isn't a first person shooter in the world as popular as Call of Duty.

Sony finally unveiled the game at their E3 press conference yesterday, and it comes as no surprise that it's another Black Ops title.

Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified doesn't get to see the light of day just yet, as details are scarce so far. But it'll no doubt share the other two games' conspiratorial spirit, and it's confirmed to have seamless online connectivity and online multiplayer.

What we're really curious about is where and when the game will be set—Black Ops and the upcoming Black Ops 2 cover the '60s, the '80s and the near future. Give us your predictions in the comments or on Twitter.