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With Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight franchise coming to an end next month, Warner Brothers needs to find new DC properties in order to take advantage of the current comic book movie trend sweeping the globe. And according to Vulture, the studio has set its sights on a particularly obscure comic from the '60s, titled Metal Men. The site is reporting that the studio is already looking at Men in Black III director, Barry Sonnenfeld, to helm the film.

In the Metal Men comics, Dr. William Magnus created six cyborgs, each based on a different metallic element. There was Gold, their leader, who was extremely stretchable; Iron, the strongest member; Lead, the loyal protector; Mercury, the rebellious hot-head; the weak and insecure Tin; and Platinum, who didn't even believe she was a robot.

Whether this movie ever actually sees the light of day is anyone's guess at this point. But if it does happen, we can at least assume that it will be different than the rest of the "dark and gritty" superhero movies out in the world at the moment.  

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