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Rob Zombie, normally known for his horror movies in which the majority of the budget likely goes on fake blood - does he use the sugar-free kind like on True Blood, or what? Things we need to know! - is delving into a much different genre of film for his next piece, according to Deadline. And that is hockey movies.

The film, called Broad Street Bullies, will follow the Philadelphia Flyers during the seventies, focusing on their "brutal style of play." He has, apparently, described the tone of the movie as "Rocky meets Boogie Nights on ice." Zombie has the backing of the Flyers, with former player turned team senior vice president Bobby Clarke expressing his excitement about the film's subject matter. 

Considering that the Flyers once scared off the Soviet Union's supposedly invincible Red Army Team during a game because they were so scary, maybe the majority of this film's budget will be spent on fake blood after all. We have expectations, Zombie!

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