While Esquire UK got Rihanna to pose topless for their cover, the singer wasn't ready to reveal as much in the article's accompanying interview.

According to a leaked transcript of the conversation, she appeared to become frustrated and a tad testy when she was pressed by the journalist about her recent interaction with Chris Brown.

"There’s a lot of s**t y’all can’t get over," she says. "Y’all holding your breath on a lot of stuff that doesn’t matter. When you realize who you live for, and who’s important to please, a lot of people will actually start living. I am never going to get caught up in that. I’m gonna look back on my life and say that I enjoyed it – and I lived it for me- and God. This is turning into a tacky interview. What do you really want to talk about? I’m not here to [talk] about messy s**t.”

At one point the journalist even apologizes.

"It upsets me that you keep asking the same kind of questions about stuff that’s trivial," she says. "What’s there to talk about? Are all your questions like that? Let’s move onto the next one."

Read the full transcript at VIBE.