Resident Evil games are seldom criticized for their brevity, but a skilled player can often beat them (particularly the older ones) in a matter of a few hours. Resident Evil 6 might buck that trend for good.

Capcom told X360 that the game will have three separate storylines (Chris, Leon and Wesker Jr.'s), each clocking in just shy of the length of the entirety of Resident Evil 5. That's a lot of RE.

“There are a couple of ways we’re trying to differentiate the stories in the game. For example we’re trying to incorporate horror elements into all the stories. But as you know horror is a big genre and there are different types of horror,” Executive Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi said.

“So Leon’s story is more traditional gothic horror, while Chris is in battle, and as he fights his way and moves forward the things that he encounters are horrific in their own way."

Kobayashi also said that "it was necessary to open up the controls a little, make them smoother, so you could immerse yourself in this world more easily" since the game is "horror as entertainment".

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[via Gamingbolt]