Hot off the heels of Prometheus' massive buzz, the movie's screenwriter, Damon Lindelof, has just signed on to rewrite the script for director Marc Forster's zombie flick, World War Z, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The only problem is that the movie was supposed to have been done filming last year, but now the studio is making the film undergo massive reshoots.  

It's rare that a production will hire such an expensive, high-profile writer to fix a script just for reshoots, so it's clear that this additional filming will be substantial. Based off of the novel of the same name by Max Brooks, Brad Pitt stars as a UN worker that is trying to stop the spread of a zombie plague in the movie. There have been rumblings that the movie's original script barely resembled the novel, so perhaps these reshoots are being done to rectify that. 

All we know is that reshoots of this length and scope will cost Paramount millions of more dollars as it preps a September start to begin filming again. But, for fans of the novel, this could always lead to the movie turning out better than originally planned. Keep those fingers crossed, zombie lovers. 

[via The Hollywood Reporter