To commemorate the 50 anniversary of the James Bond franchise (Dr. No, 1962), Activision is set to release 007 Legends. Set for an October 16 release date, the game dives into iconic moments in the Bond legend over five stages, with multiple levels per stage to really scratch your spy itch. As Bond, you'll have the chance to take on Hugo Drax as he continues his quest for world domination, and Jaws (yes, he still has the same steel teeth) in Moonraker, along with other classic enemies from the fabled franchise. The game also has a bunch of side objectives and secret items for the gamer who's all about achievements and unlockables. 

007 Legends uses the unique "Golden Eye Reloaded" game engine to find the perfect balance between the classic and modern, delivering a great gaming experience. The title also features an all new "peek cover" feature that lets the gamer peek over or around objects while in cover to get a direct position on enemy targets when ready to fire. 007 Legends keeps the experience point system from past games which allows you to develop your Bond as a better spy. You'll gain access to gadgets that can determine how many enemies are in the next room, or show you where the controls are to turn off surveillance cameras. Avoiding enemy detection is crucial especially when you're low on ammo.

As a nod to the followers of the Bond franchise, and the action gamer looking for something different, 007 Legends with its superb graphics and updated gameplay is going to be a monster this October. From what we've seen so far there's no doubt that the Bond legacy is safe hands.