With Kick-Ass 2 on the fast track towards production, Moviehole has just reported some potential plot points for the highly-anticipated sequel. If true, it looks like this movie will diverge from the story of the actual Kick-Ass 2 comic, written by Mark Millar and illustrated by John Romita Jr. Then again, this might only be one part of a much larger plot. Check out the report below:

Dave’s identity as ‘Kick-Ass’ is only really revealed to the one extra person, but it’s someone important. And it has repercussions. Hit-Girl’s identity is also widely known by this point – and it evokes much nasty yabbering behind Mindy’s back by her schoolmates (she’s nicknamed 'Captain Muffin-Muncher'). The worst of the mean girls, Brooke, is your typical prissy jock-marrying wannabe who controls the thoughts and feelings of her teenage followers and disciples (including innocent young Lois, whom ultimately forms a bond with Mindy). But ‘Hit-Girl’, never one to shy away from a confrontation and seemingly always equipped with the perfect weapon of self defense, gets Brooke and her bitch gang back in… let’s say, rather spectacular fashion. It involves gadgetry, projectile vomiting and much begging. There will be so much cheering in the cinema!

[via Moviehole]