As the New York Post points out, relationship baggage is the worst—especially when it gets you locked up. 50-year-old Kola McGrath of Portland, Ore., was arrested for trespassing on Monday after she was discovered sneaking into her boyfriend’s downtown apartment complex after she was banned. The 5’ 6,” 96-pound McGrath folded herself into the large, pink suitcase that he was carrying and snuck into the building.

Authorities were called when someone informed them that a man had kidnapped a woman, stuffed her into a suitcase and taken her into the building. Police found McGrath’s skeletal frame hiding in 52-year-old Curtis T. Lowe’s closet. Apparently, the couple had been getting over like this for 14 months.These type of antics shouldn’t continue past undergrad, so this thirst is completely unacceptable.

[via NY Post]

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