In the wake of a recent wave of zombie-like behavior and/or cannibalism, the Miami Police Department is warning officers and the public to "be extremely cautious" around disorderly people, because they could be on the very potent and very dangerous "designer drug," bath salts. Though it hasn't been completely proven yet, the drug is thought to be what fueled attackers in most of the flesh-eating attacks, including the case of the now-infamous Miami "zombie" dude.

According to AFP, in a memo sent out after the most recent attack in the area - a 21-year-old homeless man in Miami was arrested last Saturday after disturbing patrons at a restaurant, then threatening to "eat" and trying to bite police officers when they tried to apprehend him - officers are warned to be careful of anyone acting in this manner, because it is likely they are on bath salts, and likely they will try to go all Night of the Living Dead on everyone's asses. 

The line of bath salts specifically mentioned is 'Cloud 9,' which can be purchased over the counter despite the fact that it's described as "addicting and dangerous." 

Or it's zombies. They didn't say that in the memo, but come on. What does the CDC know, right?

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[via AFP]