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Did you ever come up with an idea for a test chamber while playing Portal or Portal 2? Did you ever wish you could switch places with GLaDOS and become the master of Aperture Science?

The guys at Team Jigsaw did. They did, and then they did something about it. They made a mock-up of a Portal test chamber lego set. The set is awesome. It has a GLaDOS, a Chell, a Companion Cube, Portal-stickers and more. 

Team Jigsaw submitted their idea to Lego's CUUSOO program, which builds custom sets based on independent submissions. Unfortunately, the CUUSOO they weren't interested in producing the set for commercial distribution.

Team Jigsaw is still looking to bring their idea to life, though how they'll do it remains unclear. For now, all we can do is look at their concept art... and maybe drool a little bit.

[Via Super Punch]