In a summer that has given us some uneven movies so far, Pixar's Brave might be one of the surprise hits of the year. Coming from a great studio with a stellar cast, this animated film already looks to have more heart than most of what Hollywood is trying to shove down our throats these days. And in this latest clip from the movie, it's evident that the animation team at the studio is having plenty of fun bringing these kilt-wearing warriors to life. 

In this scene, a brawl breaks out between some of Merida's (Kelly Macdonald) muscle-bound suitors who are all vying for a chance to land her hand in marriage. Obviously this is a cartoon, so the violence here isn't too intense; however, we would be lying if we didn't admit that the nipple twister in this clip doesn't make our skin crawl. 

Brave will come out on June 22.

[via IGN]