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Orcs Must Die 2 is coming to PC on July 20th, developer Robot Entertainment announced. The sequel to the PC/XBLA tower defense game will add more traps, new enemies and co-op play. The team has also completely overhauled the upgrade system, allowing players to earn skulls, the game's upgrade currency, for replaying levels.

Orcs Must Die 2 takes place just days after the end of the first game, and the War Mage is still defending the world from those pesky hordes of rampaging orcs. He's now getting a helping hand from the Sorceress who uses magic to keep the orcs at bay.

Robot is still keeping mum on whether or not the game will make the jump from PC to XBLA and/or other consoles. Players who have save data from the original Orcs Must Die on PC will get access to some kind of exclusive content, though what kind of content remains a secret.

[Via Robot Entertainment]