In a special pre-E3 briefing yesterday, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata revealed a host of new Wii U details, including the reveal of the game's new controllers.

Both should look slightly familiar; above is the new classic controller, which shows how Nintendo's concept of "classic" has evolved over the last half-decade. This new one resembles a modern Xbox 360 controller more than it does the Wii's more retro original classic controller.

Next is the newly re-revealed Wii U tablet controller, which has undergone some changes since we last saw it at E3 2011. It's wider, more ergonomic, and the old control nubs (a la the 3DS) have been replaced with proper analog sticks. They can also be clicked now, just like the 360's and PS3's. It's also got a new NFC reader for figurines, cards and other accessories that will interact with games in various ways. And it retains the Wii Remote's motion control functions.

Perhaps most important to Nintendo's ongoing quest for world domination is the tablet's new ability to function as a universal remote, meaning you'll finally be able to throw away all those old, boring, screen-less remotes. You'll be able to control everything in your living room with this sucker.

Nintendo also unveiled various new ways they're trying to bring people together, including the "Miiverse", where friends' Miis will gather around the games they're playing, instant messaging across games, a message board of sorts for each game to discuss and exchange tips with friends (which will also be accessible from PCs and phones), and the ability to video chat from the tablet controller.

Phew. Are the skeptics out there satisfied yet that this thing is going to be awesome? Or will you wait until Nintendo's Tuesday conference (where they've promised to discuss the games lineup) before you pass judgment? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.