Things are sort of, kind of looking for Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom. A New Zealand judge today ruled that the FBI unlawfully obtained evidence from Dotcom's home earlier this year, the LA Times is reporting. 

The ruling, made by High Court Chief Justice Helen Winklemann, said that the warrants used to obtain access to Dotcom's home “did not adequately describe the offenses to which they were related.” It also said that the FBI's duplication of data from Dotcom's computers was also illegal. 

The FBI is attempting to have Dotcom extradited from New Zealand. This setback may play a large roll in Dotcom's extradition case which is scheduled for August. 

Last month, Dotcom's legal team filed a motion to dismiss the entire case on the grounds that the U.S. government denied Megaupload and Dotcom due process by seizing its domain name and property and shutting down the site prior to the case. 

[via LA Times]