With Smallville off the air, The CW and DC Entertainment had to find another way to bring the comic book universe to the small screen on a weekly basis. To fill the void, the network set its sights on Arrow, a TV drama based on the DC character, The Green Arrow. Starring Stephen Amell as the titular emerald archer, this show follows the journey of Oliver Queen from spoiled playboy to city-saving vigilante. 

In the latest extended trailer from the show, we're given a closer look at what makes Queen tick as he trains his body and mind to take on corruption in Starling City, which was simply known as Star City in the comics. But enough with the heroics, what we really want to know is who will Arrow be facing off against in the show?

Well, at the very end of this trailer (around the 3:20 mark) we see a lighting-quick glimpse at an ominous orange and black mask on a beach. Eagle-eyed comic book fans should instantly recognize this as the mask worn by the DC villain, Deathstroke. Armed with advanced physical abilities, thanks to a government project gone wrong, Deathstroke quickly rose among the ranks of the company's most violent characters in the '80s. With any luck, we'll see him show up on Arrow sometime during the first season. 

will debut in the fall of 2012.