More information has surfaced about the anti-Semitic madman dressed in an Elmo costume who was wheeled out of Central Park last weekend, and it’s darker than you can imagine. After being released, the Times got a hold of him and revealed that his real name is Adam Sandler. Yes, Adam fucking Sandler. Also, prior to trolling Central Park, Sandler operated a Cambodian porn site titled “Welcome to the Rape Camp.” This is like an episode of It’s Almost Sunny, but with no relief and no laughs.

Back in 1999, Sandler was asked by the AP if his site promoted violence against women. This was his answer:

“It might promote violence against women in the United States, but I say, ‘Good.’ I hate those bitches. They’re out of line and that’s one of the reasons I want to do this … I’m going through a divorce right now…I hate American women.”

After being deported from Cambodia in 2000, he legally changed his first name to Adam and got a job at the best place for his level of ethics: the Girl Scouts headquarters. As anticipated, he lost that job, then resorted to earning a living as a pissed-off Elmo in Central Park. Because, of course, masquerading in a park dressed as a kid’s icon is the most appropriate job for a man who admits to having sex with young girls.

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[via Gothamist]