When you hit the theater this weekend to see "Ted," you may notice that Mila Kunis is not as thin as she was in her "Black Swan" days. Back then she was less than 100 pounds. But she's gained 25 back, and she's super happy about it.

"Flat, flat, flat!" she tells Glamour, about what she looked like when she was skinny. "There was no shape, no form, nothing, nothing. God, I’m probably 25 pounds heavier in muscle mass and weight at this point."

Oddly enough, she claims people are never happy with her weight.

"When I was shooting 'Black Swan,' everyone was like, 'Gosh, you’re really too skinny,'" she says. "Then my weight started bouncing back and they’re like, 'She looked better when she was anorexic-looking. You can’t please anyone! It was just for work. I didn’t do it because I had issues. Now this is my normal weight that I started out with."

Either way is a win in our eyes.

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