Microsoft announced yesterday a new deal with Encyclopedia Britannica that would add relevant information from Britannica Online to Bing search results. 

Starting today, we’re excited to announce a partnership with Encyclopedia Britannica to include Britannica Online answers directly in the Bing results page," said Franco Salvetti, Principal Development Lead for Bing on the company's blog. "The answer provides a quick overview of the subject, a thumbnail image, and useful facts and figures making it easier than ever to get trusted content in search. We also pull in direct links to other trusted sources."  

The move is a seen as a response to Google's "knowledge graph" feature which consildates information about certain search queries. 

This partnership comes less than a month after Microsoft announced its new social search features that allow Bing users to search for something and see what friends and recommended users of Facebook and Twitter have to say about your query. 

[via BBC]