As the world comes to grips with the fact that Michael Bay will be behind camera for yet another Transformers movie, there has to be a concern amongst longtime Bot fans that the franchise has run out of fresh ideas. If you think about it, how often can we watch these robots exchange blows in the middle of a crowded city? Not only that, but with the announcement that an entirely new cast will be taking over the franchise, will this feel like nothing more than a cheap cash grab? Well, in an interview with The L.A. Times, Bay tried to reassure fans everywhere about his fourth, and final, Transformers movie.

“It’s not a reboot," Bay said. "That’s maybe the wrong word. I don’t want to say 'reboot' because then people will think we’re doing a Spider-Man and starting from the beginning. We’re not. We’re taking the story that you’ve seen — the story we’ve told in three movies already — and we’re taking it in a new direction. But we’re leaving those three as the history. It all still counts... We’re moving on to something different.”

But just how different can it be? So different that Bay isn’t even sure if the entire movie will take place on Earth. When asked about the prospect of Transformers in space, he responded, “That feels like the way to go, doesn’t it? I want to go a little off [the planet] but I don’t want to go too sci-fi. I still want to keep it grounded."

This should be welcome news to fans of the series because the outer space aspect of the property is something the movies never really detailed. But the most interesting part of the article is that Bay revealed that the film’s budget will be around $30 million less than 2011’s Dark of the Moon, which would presumably bring it to the $165 million mark. With Bay, we doubt this money is coming out of the explosion budget.

[via The L.A. Times]