The scene: a four-story old folks home in West Oakland. The problem: fire, and lots of it.

A three-alarm blaze engulfed the Red Star housing complex around 2:15 a.m. this morning, shortly after an on-site security guard had a run in with three unruly teenagers. The fire moved to the BART tracks, which are in close proximity to the complex. Because of the brief period of time between the start of the fire and the attack on the guard, arson has not been ruled out (those pesky young people!).

Now, because of the degree to which the fire spread, commuters in the Bay are having a shit day. When people realized the BART couldn't get them anywhere this morning, they hopped into their cars, which led to horrible traffic jams. In short, it's a clusterfuck.

BART crews have been working non-stop to restore some service for the evening commute. In the meantime, while you're trapped at the office, check out some of the stunning-but-terrible photos from the scene.

[via SFGate]