54-year-old Manuel Fernandes just earned Idiot of the Week honors after getting his head stuck under the garage door of a Rent-A-Center in Brockton, Mass. According to police, the homeless Fernandez attempted to hold the garage door open with a metal bedpost so he could slide underneath. That didn’t work out so well, and he spent nine hours pinned to the dirty floor.

Assistant manager John Rodriguez discovered him, greeting Fernandes with a “Hang tight! The police are on their way.” He then proceeded to capture the spectacle on video, for evidence of course, but also to laugh at. If only he had yelled “WORLDSTAR!” during the taping.

Fernandes tried to tell police he was there to fix the garage door, but his positioning and timing set off bullshit detectors three counties over. He suffered a huge bruise to the back of his head due to the pressure of the garage door. Police plan to charge him with breaking and entering, as well as malicious damage to property.

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 [via The Huffington Post]