It turns out that the mystery Marvel movie set to come out in 2014 isn't Black Panther or Dr. Strange; instead, it's an adaptation of the company's obscure team of intergalactic warriors, The Guardians of the Galaxy. According to Variety, a script is already in place by Nicole Perlman that the studio is very high on. 

The Guardians are a fairly obscure property, so we'll explain them a bit for those unaware of their backstory. Basically, they are a group of intergalactic freedom fighters that set out to stop large-scale cosmic conflicts before they happen. First created in 1969, the conventional wisdom is that this movie will be based off of the more recent incarnation of the team that formed in 2008.

The members of this team include Star-Lord, the leader; Drax the Destroyer, a human that is killed and resurrected as a warrior for Thanos;  Groot, a living tree; Mantis, a green-skinned martial artist, and Rocket Raccoon, a genetically-enhanced, anthropomorphized raccoon with a love of firearms. That's right, we're finally going to see a gunslinging raccoon up on the big screen. Hopefully we get some casting and director news in the near future. 

[Variety via Collider