Daren Scott, a bus driver from Brockton, Mass., with a medical condition that causes painful, long-lasting erections, is ready to go to war with the Yale-New Haven Hospital in Connecticut. Scott says that back in April of 2009, he was forced to wait in pain for over an hour after at the facility while the staff watched a baseball game.

Scott says that the poor treatment continued after he was called in to see a doctor. He claims the physician refused to properly inject the required medication, and a urologist wasn’t present to give consultation.

Scott was transferred to the hospital proper where he was again forced to wait. An operation to relieve the pain did not work, and he was left to suffer through months of pain. Scott seeks $2 million in damages, but the hospital claims that he did not “follow reasonable medical advice regarding his care and treatment.”

Also, the statute of limitations on his claims has expired. That literally adding insult to injury.

[via Gawker]

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