Journey developer ThatGameCompany has outlined exactly what players will get if they pick  up Journey: Collector's Edition when it comes to stores on August 28th. The now-independent studio confirmed that Sony would be publishing the compilation last week, but didn't elaborate on whether the disc would come with any extra content, or when the we'd be able to get our hands on it.

Aside from TGC's three PSN games, Flow, Flower, and Journey, players will get creator commentary audio tracks, concept art, exclusive PSN avatars, the soundtracks for all three games, and a free month of PlayStation Plus.

As for extra game content, the bundle will come with "exclusive minigames", created during a 24-hour Game Jam, apparently it's a ThatGameCompany tradition. Each of three games: Gravediggers, Nostril Shot, and Duke War!!, were made from scratch in less than a day. To date, the games have only been playable at the studios offices.

That's a lot of content for $30. Once again, if you haven't given the ThatGameCompany trilogy a try, this bundle will definitely be something to keep an eye out for.