The MTV Movie Awards brought out some of Hollywood's finest talent, but also some of its less celebrated stars. Like action movie star Jean-Claude Van Damme, who made a rare appearance. And perhaps the only reason we're even talking about it at all is because he had his 21-year-old daughter— professionally known as Bianca Bree— along with him. This is largely our first look at her, and she's clearly a knockout.

Like her father, Bree's also an actress, and she does have a few credits under her belt, albeit mostly in films that papa Van Damme is in. In 2008, she made her first appearance (credited as Bianca Van Varenberg, her real name) in the straight to DVD film "The Shepherd: Border Patrol." Last year she appeared in "Assassination Games," and she has two films— "The Eagle Path" and "Six Bullets"— due for release this year.

Hopefully we'll be seeing much more of Bianca Bree.