It's been a little under two weeks since DC Entertainment announced that the Earth 2 version of the Green Lantern was gay, and now the company is furthering its views on diversity by introducing what looks to be an Arabic version of the Green Lantern in the upcoming Green Lantern #0, according to the company. In the new solicitation for the upcoming issue, the cover features a mysterious, masked Green Lantern with an Arabic tattoo on his arm. Other than that, nothing is known about the character.

DC's #0 issues are designed to flesh out the early days of the company's biggest heroes so that they make more sense in the "New 52." According to Comic Book Resources, the tattoo on his arm is pronounced "al-shaja-ah," which translates to "courage." This all meshes with the company's drive to include different races, genders, and sexual orientations in its comics.

Predictably, some people will throw a tantrum once they see this new Green Lantern, but there have been countless Lanterns throughout the years with every skin color imaginable. It's obvious this new Lantern won't be taking the place of Hal Jordan, but if Marvel and DC are attempting to become more diverse, they're doing a solid job so far. 

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