Parks and Recreation's zealous, enthusiastic, political-junkie Parks director-turned-City Councilwoman, Amy Poehler's character Leslie Knope, was apparently asked by Variety to pen a column detailing what a presidency under her administration would be like. The result is, in short, a description of what our idea of utopia is.

From the column:

Upon my historic presidential election -- I can't believe the vote was unanimous! -- my first action would be to hold a large breakfast symposium, comprised of Democrats and Republicans, socialists and libertarians, civil rights leaders, academics and average citizens. And maybe also Beyonce Knowles, who I really want to meet and now can because I'm president. Let's go ahead and also invite Jason Momoa, from "Game of Thrones" season one. His pecs will inspire us all to greatness. 

Apparently, a Knope presidency would include, in no specific order: universal health care, marriage equality, tax cuts for the middle class, tax increases for upper class, Madeleine Albright as Secretary of State, a "tough but fair" stance on immigration, and the Supreme Court would revisit Citizen's United because "more money should not equal more power in the realm of elected office." Her chief "All Government Is Stupid" adviser would be Ron Swanson.

And, if you're still not convinced, she adds: "A Knope presidency will be a waffle-based presidency, and everyone has to deal with that." 

Knope for 2012? Yes?

[via Variety]