As with any relationship, maintaining a healthy degree of independence is important to its success. It's easy to be consumed by missing someone and not focus on the life you're currently living without them, but neither of you should feel like you're sacrificing your identity for the sake of the LDR relationship. If you do, you'll quickly come to resent one another, and resentment is the last stop before invariably arriving at a break-up.

Being apart sucks, we know, but it's also an amazing way to renew your commitments—to yourself. Maybe now that you have the time, you can work on your golf game. Take a class. Train for a marathon. Learn a new language. Or better yet, work on being a better friend.  

By not neglecting yourself during your time apart, you'll ensure that when you finally get the distance out of the way, your relationship will be happier and healthier than it ever could have been before, because you've each became a fuller, more well-rounded person during your time apart.