All of your virtual romance efforts, great conversations and steamy phone sex sessions are important to keeping your LDR hot and healthy, but the true battle goes down IRL.

Going long amounts of time without satisfying your desires can start to wear on you, even if you really love someone. That being said, it would be smart to avoid putting yourself in scenarios where you'll be tempted to do something you will regret in the long run.

Temptation triggers are different for everyone. Maybe it's going out with a certain single friend who routinely urges you to "just do it." It might mean saying no to the sexy co-worker who asks you out for a drink, or turning down a "friendly" dinner with an ex. These sticky scenarios might be easy to navigate if you're seeing your girl later that night, but can become incredibly tricky when it's been months since the last time you touched. Play it safer than you normally would, because you know you'd want her to do the same.