Sometimes LDR's can be consumed by waiting, and the feeling of not knowing when you'll see each other again can be excruciating. 

One way to make the pain of waiting more bearable is to turn it into a more pleasurable adjective—anticipation. Rather than seeing how long you can go without seeing each other before a breakdown, schedule another visit shortly after the last. Always have time together to look forward to on your calendar.

We realize how frequently you spend time together depends largely on your finances and how far apart you are, but regardless of time and distance, it's important to always have something on the horizon. During difficult phases in your relationship, it will be the light at the end of the long-distance-tunnel.

And of course, the time you spend together will act as much-needed confirmation you need to continue, so even when summer reaches its hottest point (Read: Girls in short skirts and bikinis), you'll be motivated to press on (Read: Stop staring. Like, now).