Like in any relationship, long distance or otherwise, it's impossible to meet someone's expectations if you don't know what they expect in the first place. This becomes especially important in long-distance relationships, where you don't have physical indicators to rely on. For example, IRL, if you haven't hung out in weeks, you're probably not in a relationship. In an LDR, the line becomes a little blurrier.

Rather than trying to guess on the particulars, it's important to establish what exactly it is you have and where it is going. For one, make sure you're in a committed relationship. We'd hate for you to spend the whole summer on lock down only to realize your assumed other half is only half in it. 

Once you've determined you are indeed in an actual relationship, have an honest conversation about what your fears and hopes are going in: What do each of you think is necessary to make things work?

Having a realistic talk about where you'd ideally like things to go is also important. Would either of you consider re-locating after a pre-determined point in time? Getting on the same page from the start is hands down the most important predictor of whether or not your partnership will survive the summer.