Go For Someone Who's Not Your Type

Most guys have a certain demographic they generally date within, or a certain type of female that routinely gets them going. If you're in the market for a fling, leave your standards at the door. Too old, too young, too wild, too tattooed—when you're in search for the short-term, your only qualifications should be "Hot-n-Fun." Legal is another important descriptor to keep in mind.

They say opposites have a smoldering sexual chemistry akin to really powerful, inseparable magnets. Opposites make for dubious long-term relationship material, but for a temporary affair, no pairing could be more mentally and physically arousing. Unexpected match-ups guarantee June through August will be brimming with electric experiences (when you're naked, and also when you're not). You'll try new things, push each other's buttons and boundaries, and find yourself routinely out of your depths. It will be a wild ride, and come Labor Day, if you find your interest waning, you can say what you both suspected all along: You're just not on the same page.