Stop Hanging Out With Your Wifed Up Friends

One of the perils of being a single, twenty-to-thirty something man is the ever-decreasing availability of single friends to seize the day with. We feel for you, we really do, but the guy blowing up your Facebook feed with status updates singing the praises of monogamy, or worse yet, with pictures of him and his kid, is not the guy you take with you on the prowl. 

It's not that he's not perfectly capable of being a wingman (in fact, he's probably the best around), it's that he immediately gives off some sort of elusive bat signal to every woman within a 10 foot radius that says you are looking for the same level of commitment. And it makes sense. You judge her based on who she hangs with (as well you should), so why wouldn't she read into your crew, and infer things about you?

Leave boyfriend of the year at home (or, at the very least tell him to leave his girl behind) and rule in favor of your equally single, commitment-phobic friends when tracking down fling prospects and you'll have less wrong-headed assumptions to worry about.