Seek Out Women With Expiration Dates 

Flings are never guaranteed an easy end. We're sorry to shatter your hedonistic optimism, but it's an unfortunate truth. We're people, not computers, and turning off the summer heat with the flip of a switch is a feat not easily accomplished. In retrospect, an oven analogy may have worked better here, but you get our point. 

Now that we've got that caveat out of the way, we'll offer this tiny consolation—exceptions exist! We like to refer to them as women with expiration dates. Women with expiration dates are set to disappear on a specific date, due to a firm set of unalterable circumstances or obligations, which means your summer fling will self-destruct, no detonation (or awkward "What is this, exactly?" conversation) necessary. 

She's a foreign exchange student who heads back to Europe in the fall? Snap that up. She's a school teacher on a short-lived stay at a vacation home? Jump on it. She's doing corporate training in a city she doesn't call home? Don't hesitate. Women like these will not only save you the stress of ending things yourself, they're most likely looking for exactly what you are: A good time for a short time, and nothing more.