Be Open to Riding The Wave

You've sewn enough wild oats to make the Quaker guy jealous, and the heat had you in cutting loose all summer long. But as the long days dwindle down and the tidal wave that was your unruly hormones subsides, you might be surprised to find you're actually considering shacking up. Sure, you wanted a fling, but even the most fun-loving fellas get bit by the attachment bug every once in awhile. Like we said earlier, you're only human.

We're not judging your change of heart, but you should check in with your fling and see if she feels the same way. If she's been playing by the same rules as you (avoiding future plan-making, keeping things light, etc.) she may not want to take the leap to pumpkin picking together, but if she's been hinting at more, now would be the right time to tentatively feel her out. Our advice: start simple. If you haven't already, ask to meet her friends. Take her out to dinner instead of daydrinking. If you've been honest and respectful for the last few months, she might just give you a shot at wooing her well into winter.