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Homerun Stars, an upcoming XBLA baseball game from Microsoft, will be the first to combine SmartGlass and Kinect, according to senior global marketing manager Peter Orullian.

"There's another game we're shipping called Homerun Stars, it's an Arcade title, and it actually integrates Kinect," Orullian told OXM UK.

When two players square off, the batter will stand and swing in front of the Kinect, while the pitcher will use a phone or tablet to call and guide their pitches. Players will also be able to reverse roles, batting with the mobile device and pitching with Kinect.

"With SmartGlass you'll be able to pitch or bat, and it's not just tapping a button, you'll articulate how that pitch goes into the batter. Someone stands in front of Kinect and hits, you can reverse that, and the person on SmartGlass can bat. It takes two great Microsoft technologies and couples them."

Microsoft VP Phil Spencer said the company will integrate SmartGlass into all first-party games starting after the feature launches this fall, so this definitely won't be the last time you see the Kinect and SmartGlass working together.

[Via OXM UK]