Welcome to Florida, where people clearly just don’t give a fuck.

32-year-old Sharee Barnes was arrested over Memorial Day Weekend for threatening to “take a shit” on a neighbor’s lawn. Police were phoned to the neighbor’s Vero Beach home to investigate a disturbance, and arrived to discover Barnes squawking at Elman Antonio Diaz.

Diaz says he noticed the motion sensor light installed on his house turn on, and he came outside to investigate, he found Barnes copping a squat and threatening to unload. Barnes also threatened to have her cousins come to Diaz’s home and rape his wife.

Barnes was threatened with arrest, so she moved to her own property, claiming she couldn’t be arrested because she was on her own property. She was then arrested swiftly and charged with disorderly conduct and, of course, public intoxication.

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[via The Huffington Post]

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