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It's called KeyFree and it's a browser extension you can install in Chrome (if you're French. North American version coming soon). KeyFree promises to do for your Internet sites what NFC key fobs have done for your car— make it so you can get easy access whenever you're close by.

The app works by linking your various passwords to your smartphone's BlueTooth signature. From then on, whenever you get near your computer (it has to be a system that's paired with your phone, also it currently only supports Mac), you'll automatically be logged in to your favorite websites. Later, when you walk away from the computer, KeyFree will automatically log you out.

If you're thinking it's unusual for a car company to develop an Internet productivity app, let alone one as awesome as this, you're right. This is strange. But let's not question it! Password management is a pain in the ass, and this is one of the most inspired solutions we've seen yet. So, go Ford?

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