Facebook sure knows how to get people all worked up. Today news broke that Facebook replaced everyone's default email address—the one listed on their profile pages—with its Facebook email address. Naturally, people freaked out. 

The Facebook email service is not new. It was unveiled in 2010. Very few people opted to use it as nearly everyone already has a personal email address and the idea of people flooding your already flooded Facebook message inbox with emails you'll never read is far from ideal. 

Seeing as how it wasn't gaining any traction, Facebook today decided to make the address the default on people's profile pages. So, in the off chance that someone wished to contact you and they headed to your page to get your email address, they would see something that ended with @facebook.com. 

Speaking to CNN Money, Facebook's manager of product communications, Meredith Chin, said that they made the Facebook address the default to "keep it consistent for everyone." She also said that, despite what it may look like, Facebook's aim is not to force its service onto every user. "We want people to use whatever's easier for them," said Chin. 

The good news, of course, is that like with most all other Facebook changes, you can change it back by going to "Edit Profile" and editing your "Contact Information." Simple. 

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