"Hey look at us!" says Facebook. "We have video calling, too!"

That's the gist of Facebook's latest feature— a new "Call" button that appears on your friends' profile pages right next to the "Message" button on the top right. The call button doesn't enable any new functionality, but instead brings up a video chat, something you've been able to do on the site since it partnered with Skype almost a year ago.

Not a lot of people use video chatting on Facebook, though, which is making the company nervous since Google+ and Airtime have both made big recent bets on the idea that people want to see their friends' beautiful faces in real time.

For the Call button to work, you have to be logged into Facebook Chat and so does the friend whom you're hoping to call. Facebook says the button is currently in a "test" phase, so it's not yet clear if or when it will be available to all users.

[via Mashable]