With Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane’s directorial debut Ted hitting theaters this weekend, moviegoers finally have the chance to catch a new summer comedy that’s actually, well, funny—yeah, let’s not discuss That’s My Boy anymore, folks. Instead, let’s focus on an upcoming, smaller funny flick that could very well sneak into comedy fans’ hearts and emerge as the funniest film of summer 2012.

Hailing from Denmark, comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen are set to make their splashy stateside debut with Klown (peep the trailer here), a raunchy crowd-pleaser that left a trail of ardent supporters during last year’s film festival rounds and is primed to earn even more buzz come its July 27th limited theatrical release, through Drafthouse Films. In Klown, Hvam stars as Frank, a trouble-prone guy who has to look after his young nephew, Bo (Marcus Jezz Petersen) after an accident caused Uncle Frank injures the kid’s father; the problem is, Frank is about to go out on all-guys canoe trip, meaning Bo has to tag along. And, yes, experience all of the debauchery that will ensue.

This weekend, Complex will head out to Austin, Texas, to participate in a real-life canoe adventure with Hvam and Christensen, and we’re both excited and a little nervous (the crazy hijinx in the movie look fun on screen). Before we prep our oars, though, we’ve got a batch of exclusive stills from Klown, which you can check out above.

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