We just reported that Marvel is planning on releasing a Guardians of the Galaxy movie in 2014, but it looks like the House of Ideas isn't stopping there. The Hollywood Reporter just broke the news that director Edgar Wright has recently finished filming a test reel for a live-action adaptation of Ant-Man. The long-rumored project has been on the studio's radar for years, but the stars simply haven't aligned for a release date yet.

This doesn't confirm that this movie will ever see the light of day, but it certainly doesn't hurt either. In Hollywood, test reels are often done on new properties like this so a studio can take a look at the tone and style of a film before deciding to spend millions of dollars on it. Wright and his crew most likely tested everything from costumes to how the character's powers will work on the big screen. Unfortunately, there is no word on whether or not any high-profile actors were used for this.

Even though test reels take place on eventual blockbusters, they also happen on movies that never make it to the big screen as well. And with Wright busy getting ready to direct The World's End at the moment, we don't know how long Marvel will want to wait for him to do Ant-Man. But at this point, things are looking good.

[via The Hollywood Reporter