Just a few days after it was reported that Marvel would be bringing the Guardians of the Galaxy to the big screen, Entertainment Weekly has broken the news that Disney Animation is planning on putting out a Big Hero 6 animated movie. Based on the Marvel comic, Big Hero 6 is a superhero team sanctioned by the Japanese government that tackles worldwide threats.

The original team consisted of Sunfire, a former member of the X-Men; the Silver Samurai, a one-time villain of Wolverine; Hiro, a boy genius; Honey Lemon, who can harness the power of other dimensions; Baymax, a giant robot dragon created by Hiro; and GoGo Tomago, a woman in a high-tech suit who can transform into a ball of energy. 

Unfortunately, the Silver Samurai will be appearing in 2013's The Wolverine, which means that 20th Century Fox owns the movie rights to the character. So don't expect him to show up. Also, there is a possibility that Sunfire might belong to Fox at the moment too because he is a member of the X-Men franchise, and the studio owns those movie rights.

Either way, this will be the first time that Disney is taking such an active role in a Marvel movie. Fans have been waiting for Disney or Pixar to take an animated crack at a Marvel property since the sale, and it looks like this will be the first step towards that. 

[via EW