We won't skirt around the fact that all we could think about when we saw the young girl at the beginning of this Dishonored trailer is the relationship between Booker and Elizabeth in another upcoming game, Bioshock Infinite. There are other similarities as well, though it's clear that Dishonored is going to be one of the most unique games released this year regardless.

In Dishonored, you play as the former Empress's bodyguard, accused of her murder and forced to become an infamous assassin. A grisly mask is your only calling card, and supernatural powers bestowed on you by "dark forces" aid you in the game's "flexible" combat system, according to a press release.

The government also has strange technology, so while it may not be an even fight, it should at least prove interesting. You'll reportedly be given plenty of freedom to eliminate targets however you like, potentially making Dishonored the game that many gamers wanted Assassin's Creed to be.

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