Tecmo Koei has announced that customers who pre-order Dead or Alive 5 or purchase the more expensive collector's edition will be treated to a slew of extra (and extra-sexy) swimsuit outfits for the game's cast of virtual sex bombs.

Pre-ordering the game from Gamestop gets you white bunny swimsuits for Kasumi, Leifang and Hitomi. Meanwhile, an Amazon pre-order gets you black bunny bikinis for Christie, Tina and Ayane. The "DOA Angels" and "DOA Devils" respectively.

For the wealthy among us, there's the Collector's Edition, which comes with all six angel outfits, as well as a hardcover art book, soundtrack CD, and a poster of the Dead or Alive 5 cast, all in an embossed steel case. It's $20 more at $79.99.

We're all for more boobage, but we know it would only be fair for the dudes to get in on the bounciness too—this isn't a Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Boobies game, after all. The full DOA male cast is there. Where's our pre-order speedos? Come on, Tecmo Koei. Step it up.

Are you planning on nabbing these pre-order bonuses, or will you just watch Youtube videos of them when the game comes out? Tell us in the comments or on Twitter.