PadMapper, and the many apartment hunters who have come to rely on the site, are SOL after Craigslist decided recently to slam it with a cease and desist order.

PadMapper helps people find apartments within hyper specific geographic regions by overlaying online listings on to Google maps. Since Craigslist is the most popular place where people go to list their apartments, losing the cooperation of the site is pretty much a death sentence for PadMapper.

In a blog post titled "Bye Bye Craigslist :-(" PadMapper CEO Eric DeMenthon broke the news.

"I recently received a Cease and Desist letter from Craigslist, and wasn’t able to get a meeting or convince Craigslist’s lawyer that PadMapper was beneficial to Craigslist and apartment hunters in general," he wrote.

It's not clear why Craigslist would suddenly target PadMapper, but perhaps it's finally looking to introduce its own enhanced features for apartment search. For now, DeMenthon is asking the PadMapper faithful to petition Craigslist to change its mind.

[via Mashable]