Welcome to Week 50 aka Cornell Madness, Part Two. I wanted to show you some of the incredible archival footage I took while visiting Cornell University Library's Rare Books and Manuscripts vault, when I realized there's a reason people aren't allowed in there. So, with respect to the privilege I was granted, I will only show you some stills on this go 'round as a teaser to more heat to come.

The remainder of the weekend was just as incredible, culminating in your man rocking for five hours on Saturday night at The Big Red Barn for the entire Cornell Black Alumni Association and University President David J Skorton (who I hear is an avid jazz and blues man with an incredible stereo in his office on campus). So big, so important, and so validating to close out my 20 year college reunion with a paycheck and a standing room full of highly educated folks with business cards and opportunities aimed in my direction. Next week, we talk about Costa Rica and catch up. Shall we?