Before she was a superstar model topping every guy's wish list of women he'd rather be with besides his girlfriend/wife, Kate Upton was just a nerdy teen. Well, that is if you believe her classmates.

"She wasn’t really outgoing and she definitely wasn’t the prettiest girl in school," said one of them. "She was very slim, flat chested and sort of nerdy looking— I’m not sure she ever had a boyfriend in school."

Perhaps one of the reasons why she wasn't popular was because she was focused on getting her modeling career going. Rather than concentrate on silly high school boys, she was concentrating on herself. 

"I remember Kate being in and out of class a lot, traveling and trying to make it as a model," the classmate revealed. "She was never overly confident or annoying about it, but one day she just left school and never came back. It was almost like she blossomed overnight and grew into this beautiful woman, never to be heard from again. Now, talking to all the guys from our class, we’re all regretful that we never asked her out."

Regret is probably putting it lightly.

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